4 Simple ways to make Money In College !

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How to Make Money in College In 4 Simple Ways

College students and their parents often go deeply into debt in order to purchase the best education they can afford. That can be a recipe for disaster after graduation if the increase in your income merited by your degree takes a long time to catch up with how much it cost. In order to start post-college life on a more even keel, smart college students begin earning money while they’re still attending school. Not only can they defray the costs of attending school, they learn important life lessons that give them a leg up on their peers when they enter the job market. Here’s a handy list of how to make money in college:

Teach the Other Students

It’s a shame, but many students look at college as an extended vacation, and they don’t take advantage of everything an education has to offer. If you pay attention and work hard, your knowledge will be in demand from others that will pay for the help you can give them. Tutoring is how to make money in college without having to leave campus for a clock-punching job or risking neglecting your studies. You can earn extra cash, and you’ll be helping students that might otherwise drop out if they didn’t get help. Students are willing to pay a lot for tuition. They’re sometimes willing to pay just as much for tutoring.

Take Notes

Even if you don’t feel qualified to tutor others, simply attending classes and taking notes for others is a great way to earn extra money. Some students have disabilities that make it necessary for them to have help, and that help is usually compensated well. Other students simply prefer to pay others to show up to early classes for them when they feel like sleeping in. Either way, you’ll be able to help someone while helping yourself. Learning how to make money in college is sometimes as simple as showing up with a pencil and paper.

Become a Resident Assistant

If you agree to live in the dorms and look after the activities of roommates, you’ll either make a little money, or more likely, you’ll receive greatly reduced room and board costs. One of the by-products of being responsible and trying to earn money while others are goofing off is an increased level of respect. If you’re always working, others will treat you more like an adult. Campus administrators reward this kind of respect with increased opportunities like RA positions.

Sell Your Textbooks, and Everyone Else’s, Too

Everyone wants to have extra money, but few are willing to work for it. Learning how to make money in college often means thinking outside the box. You can offer services to your classmates that increase convenience for them while it increases money for you. College textbooks are famously expensive, and you should sell yours at the end of the term to recoup some of your money. Don’t stop there, however; get a process in place to sell your books, and then sell books for your classmates as well. Use the Internet to sell books, and keep a percentage of all sales for yourself. Your classmates won’t mind paying you for the service.

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