From Chump Change to Ka-Ching Without Steady Employment

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Your Emergency “Cash Stash” is Empty

You need money but don’t have a job. You’ve scoured the couch cushions and gone on a diving expedition to retrieve any loose change in your car. You’ve even checked under the mattress and in peanut butter jars from when your Aunt Sara last visited, as she was prone to stashing cash in unusual places. You’ve exhausted all of those “creative coveted efforts” and now you need cold hard cash, and you need it now. You are asking yourself.”how to make money without working.” What to do? Surprising, there are ways to earn quick cash without having a regular paycheck, you just have to be creative.

Clean House

First, do a thorough housecleaning and de-cluttering of your home. Not only will this make you feel better mentally, it can truly create a unique opportunity to earn some money. Clothing, household items, children’s toys, kitchen items, furniture, etc. Anything you may have that you don’t use or need can be put up for sale on either sites such as EBay, Craig’s List, be sold via consignment in shops in your area, flea markets, or you can use the age old garage sale method. You’ll be surprised at how quickly cash can add up by “cleaning house.”

Have Car Will Drive

Another quick way to earn cash is by offering to run errands or make deliveries. Elderly people, two income homes with or without children will pay for you to do grocery shopping, drop off dry-cleaning, pick up prescriptions and run other errands they simply do not have time to do. You can find these classified ads online, listed on community bulletin boards at local supermarkets or coffee shops, or via the internet. Additionally, some companies will hire part time couriers or “runners” to drive customers or projects from one place to another.

Odd Jobs in Your Own Backyard

If you don’t own a vehicle or don’t drive, there are still ways to earn extra income without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home or neighborhood. If you’re a culinary wunderkind, pass around flyers in your neighborhood that you will come in and cook for them on an as needed basis. Host an open house in your home with samplings of what you would serve. Or, post an ad on the community bulletin board on in the community newsletter offering to walk children to and from the bus stop during the school year. Offer to be a crossing guard. While these jobs are seasonal, they are some of the “jobs that make the most money.” and they do offer quick cash and can sometimes lead to other opportunities. If your home is large enough to hold several children and you have a yard, offer in home child care.

Get in the Creative Flow

The bottom line is you don’t have to have full time employment to stay gainfully employed. There are many opportunities for you to find ways to earn extra cash, you just need to get the creative juices flowing. Once you’re in the creative flow, you’ll see how quickly the cash will also flow.