Ways You Can Supplement Your Current Cash flow

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In an Up and Down Economy, it Makes Cents to Know Your Options


In today’s ever changing “up and down” economy, “thinking out of the box” has become almost a necessity. One minute you are secure in the job you’ve held for the past 20 plus years, complete with a matching 401K plan, benefits, and perks. The next, you’re the victim or a pay cut or layoff. You have a mortgage, car payment, homeowners and health insurance looming over your head. You also have (for now) a steady, full time job, however it simply can’t meet your budgetary needs “beyond the basics.” Worry consumes you as you crunch the numbers, wondering how to solve your financial dilemma. Take a deep breath, relax, and know that the power to change it is in your hands. With a little thought, imagination and innovation, you can conjure up more cash without having to take to the streets with a tin can to peddle.


Here are a few ways to supplement Your Income that are both painless and profitable. And best of all, most everything can be found in your own home.

Come Out of the Closet

Turn Your Closet into a Quick cash cow by selling your clothes, either at a consignment shop (typically the shop will give you 50% of what they sell the item for, however there is a wait time, in that you won’t receive your money until the item is sold. Or, some stores will give you a flat price, which could be considerably less than what they sell it for, so determine which way you want to go.) There are also stores that will buy household items and décor as well. In high demand are baby items, children’s clothing as well as professional clothing for the workplace. Wonder what to do with all of those prom gowns or brides maids dresses you kept but will never wear again? Upscale consignment shops will purchase those as well. Clean out your closet, and not only will you feel more organized and de-cluttered, you may also find that your wallet is a little more padded.


Life in the Fast Lane

If you have a vehicle, many people (especially the elderly) are in need of an errand runner to pick up groceries, prescriptions, and drive them to and from scheduled appointments. Additionally, there are households where parents both work and need their children picked up from school and taken to various after school activities. Check Craig’s List or Local Bulletin Boards, it’s an easy way to get quick cash.


There’s Nothing Wrong with Being an Oddball

In today’s fast paced world, there are never enough hours in the day. Many people are in need of extra help with mowing their lawn, snow shoveling raking leaves, etc. Also, if you’re a whiz in the kitchen, check into meal preparation and delivery for either the elderly or families who simply don’t have time to cook dinner but like the idea of the family sitting down to a home-cooked meal every evening.


With a little imagination and “out of the box” thinking, you can supplement your income in a variety of ways. Thinking innovatively can help you create cold hard cash quickly and is the best way to make money without working too much.